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Upcoming Stargazing October 21st
Upcoming Stargazing October 21st


by ZWO
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With a small size no larger than your hand, ASIAIR Mini is a vest-pocket member in the ASIAIR series. It's also the most cost-effective, yet the performance is hardly weakened compared to its predecessors, allowing you to capture the night sky with ease and fun.
Attach the ASIAIR Mini to your imaging setup, and you're free to control your DSLRs or ASI cameras on your phone or tablet via the wireless connection. Stay in the comfort of your tent, home, car, and other places to avoid the varying temperatures and mosquitos. Sit back and enjoy the starry night!
ASIAIR Mini streamlines the start-to-finish capture process for you. Including focusing, polar alignment, filter switch, auto guiding, autorun, etc. Even a new beginner can quickly start their AP journey with this mini device. Interested in wide-field photography? Then the multi-target feature is here for advanced astrophotographers.
  • Wirelessly control your entire telescope rig with your phone or tablet
  • Controls and powers compatible cameras, mounts, autofocusers, filter wheels, dew heaters, and more
  • Plan and execute your entire night of imaging in advance with highly-customizable automation
  • Handles polar alignment, autofocus, plate solving, guiding, and more
  • Distributes 12V power to all of your astrophotography accessories
  • Internal storage and expandable with external storage for saving images
  • Works with ZWO cameras and many DSLR & mirrorless cameras