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Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm
Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm

RASA 8 Filter Holder

In Stock
In Stock!

The Starizona RASA 8 Filter Holder allows you to use 2" filters with the Celestron RASA 8" telescope with cameras that are not compatible with a Filter Slider

Starizona's Filter Slider for the Celestron RASA 8" telescope has been one of our most popular products, but only certain ZWO cameras are compatible with the Filter Slider because of the very short backfocus of the RASA 8. Our RASA 8 Filter Holder allows the use of 2" filters with cameras that cannot use the Filter Slider, such as the ZWO ASI2600 and ASI071, plus other brands of cameras including Altair, Atik, QHY, Mallincam and others.

The RASA 8 Filter Holder includes a 5mm M42 spacer to provide a backfocus of 17.5mm, the most common camera backfocus. Other spacers are optionally available for other camera setups. The maximum usable backfocus (without any spacer) is 22.5mm.

To use the RASA 8 Filter Holder, remove the optical window that comes installed in the RASA 8 and install a standard 2" mounted filter in the Filter Holder. The Holder then replaces the standard camera adapter flange from the RASA and is held in place using the stock lock ring. The Filter Holder includes slots so you can still access the collimation screws on the RASA.

What's in the box

  • T-Spacer (5mm)
  • Starizona RASA 8 Filter Holder (6.5mm)

* If you have the first version of the RASA 8 Filter Holder your holder will be 5mm tall and came with a 1mm shim for the same total backfocus.