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Equivalent Exposure Calculator

Equivalent Exposure Calculator

Have you ever visited a website with an impressive CCD image and wondered what it would take to get that picture with your equipment? This calculator will give you the necessary exposure time with a given CCD and telescope needed to match that taken with another camera and scope.

The camera and telescopes listed below are those for which data was readily available. There are currently 38 cameras and 87 telescopes to choose from. For other setups, data can be entered manually.

Select the original telescope, CCD, and exposure times below. Then choose the telescope and CCD you are using. The exposure times necessary to produce exposures equal to the original is output below.
Original Luminance (L) Exposure
Original Red (R) Exposure
Original Green (G) Exposure
Original Blue (B) Exposure
Choose Original CCD Camera
Choose Original Telescope
  or Enter User Defined Aperture
  and User Defined Focal Length
Original Luminance Binning
Original RGB Binning
New CCD Camera
New Telescope
  or Enter User Defined Aperture
  and User Defined Focal Length
New Luminance Binning
New RGB Binning
New L Exposure: New R Exposure: New G Exposure: New B Exposure:
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