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Stargazing July 13th ✦ 7pm-10pm
Pixel Resolution and Field of View Calculator

Pixel Resolution and Field of View Calculator

Knowing the field of view of a CCD camera on a certain telescope is critical when selecting targets for imaging. It is also a useful way of comparing cameras or combinations of cameras and telescopes. Pixel size factors into the resolution obtainable with a given setup and is one way to match an appropriate camera and telescope. For more details, visit the Understanding Image Scale and Field of View page. Remember that not all telescope/camera combinations actually work, although the calculator will let you make any combination. For example, a Canon EOS 7D will not work with a HyperStar C8, but it will work with a HyperStar C14. The camera and telescopes listed below are those for which data was readily available. There are currently 159 cameras--including CCDs, webcams and digital SLRs--and 165 telescopes to choose from. For other setups, data can be entered manually.  
Select a CCD camera and telescope from the menus below. The pixel resolution and field of view will be displayed below. You may also change the binning to see the effect this has on pixel resolution.
CCD Camera
  or Enter User Defined Focal Length (mm)
Pixel Binning

Pixel Size:

Field of View



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