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Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm
Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm

Starizona SCT Corrector I and II - Camera Adapter - Custom

In Stock
In Stock!

The new Starizona SCT Corrector requires the proper camera adapter to achieve the correct lens-to-CCD distance. This ensures the best optical performance.

Please enter the desired length of camera adapter in the Item Message field and select the required thread size in the drop down menu.

The nominal backfocus of the SCT Corrector is 90.3mm. Subtract the total backfocus distance of your camera plus any extra items like filter wheel or off-axis guider to find the right length spacer. Feel free to contact us for help choosing the right adapter. These adapters are for the SCT Corrector I and II which have 1.8" threads on the camera side.