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Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm
Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm

Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter - 2" Mounted

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The L-Quad Enhance Filter is a quad bandpass light pollution filter designed for use with color cameras.  It suppresses light pollution generated by man-made light sources.  As a result, celestial images are more distinct and have higher contrast.  The filter provides better color balance will reducing the effect of light pollution.  The filter is designed to provide stellar results on any target - from galaxies to nebulae and star clusters.

Key Features
- Improves signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
- Near IR cut-off to 1000nm.  This reduces the effects of IR noise
- 90% transmittance of nebula emission lines at H-Beta, OIII, H-Alpha, and SII

Spectrum and Filter Characteristics
Thickness: 1.85mm
Blocking Range: 300 - 1000nm
Blocking Depth: OD2 - OD4
Surface Quality: 60 / 40
Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
Parallelism: 30s