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Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm
Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm

MicroTouch Autofocuser - Wired


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  • Automatic focus with ASCOM-compatible software (FocusMax, MaxIm DL, Sequence Generator Pro, etc)*
  • Temperature compensation using built-in thermistor
  • All electronics in single hand-controller box -- no separate hub and extra cables
  • Manual control with hand-controller box for use visually or with video cameras/webcams
  • MicroTouch software for configuring system and remote manual operation
* Note: Autofocusing with FocusMax requires MaxIm DL or CCDSoft for camera control interface. Included Items
  • Stepper Motor Unit*
  • Motor Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Power Supply (choose AC and/or DC when ordering)
  • USB Drive: MicroTouch control software, hardware drivers, ASCOM Platform, FocusMax software, and operating instructions
The MicroTouch Autofocuser is ASCOM compatible. * Included motor fits 2" Feathertouch Crayford focusers and Feathertouch SCT MicroFocusers (except old-style C14). Other motor options are available for Feathertouch 2.5", 3.0" and 3.5" focusers; direct-drive motors for Feathertouch 3.5" and TEC focusers; Skywatcher refractors; Stellarvue standard focusers; and Takahashi FSQ refractors. Choose the motor above. Also available is a wireless version of the MicroTouch Autofocuser.