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Stargazing June 15th ✦ 6pm-10pm
Stargazing June 15th ✦ 6pm-10pm

Cool Edge - SCT Cooler - 9.25"

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  • The Starizona Cool Edge was named one of Sky & Telescope's Hot Products for 2012!

    This innovative product from Starizona is designed to help rapidly stabilize your telescope with the ambient air temperature.

    The Cool Edge is designed with Celestron's new EdgeHD optical system in mind. Because this telescope design has lens elements inside the primary baffle tube, it is not possible to use a traditional SCT cooler that pushes air through the back of the telescope. But the EdgeHD telescopes combine rear-cell air vents with Fastar-compatible optics, allowing the Cool Edge to work from the front of the scope.

    The Cool Edge will also work with any Fastar-compatible SCT by simply leaving the scope's visual back open (by removing the diagonal) to allow the air to flow through the optical tube.

    The Cool Edge attaches to the telescope just like a HyperStar lens would; you simply remove the secondary mirror and thread the Cool Edge on. All Fastar-compatible telescopes ship with easily removable secondary mirrors to allow the use of a HyperStar lens. This also allows the use of the Cool Edge.

    To use, remove the secondary mirror from the telescope, attach the Cool Edge to the front of the telescope, and reattach the secondary mirror to the Cool Edge. The Cool Edge will then move filtered, ambient-temperature air past the secondary mirror, into the telescope, and out through the air vents in the rear cell of an Edge HD or through the open visual back of a non-Edge HD scope.

    In just a matter of minutes, the telescope's optics are at ambient temperature. This eliminates distorting tube currents which degrade the image quality.


    • Rapidly Equalizes Telescope Temperature
    • Eliminates Tube Currents and Heat Spikes
    • Fits Celestron Fastar-Compatible Telescopes
    • Ventilates the Telescope with Filtered Air
    • Built-in Holder for Secondary Mirror
    • Anodized Aluminum Construction
    • Made in USA


    • Size: 4.0" dia. x 4.9" tall
    • Requires 12v Power (supply included, please choose AC or DC above)

  • Instructions