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Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm
Stargazing May 4th ✦ 6pm-10pm

Astro-Smart Sky Master Pro Computerized Astronomical Weather Station


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Astro-Smart's Computerized Astronomical Weather Station(SMP-R2/SMP-R2-PRO) with ASCOM support for standalone and/or Remote Controller Capability for any telescope.

Designed for the astronomer that wants a turnkey sensor fusion monitoring capability.

The SMP-PRO-R2/SMP-R2 can be setup with your home observatory or telescope mount for trouble-free operation controlled by the user supplied computer interface. The SMP-PRO-R2/SMP-R2 has a complete turnkey environmental observation system which includes sensors such as Cloud and Sky Quality Meter Sensor, Lux Sky Brightness Sensor, Rain Sensor, Wind Speed and Direction Sensor, Barometric (Pressure, Temperature and Humidity) Sensor that are housed in the R2 enclosure with one data/control cable from the R2 housing to the SMP-PRO-R2/SMP-R2 . Additional options for the SMP-PRO-R2/SMP-R2 include GPS Sensor along with Relay output control to operate an Observatory Dome, Custom Dome Closure Relay or Power Utility. Custom data/control lengths between SMP-PRO-R2/SMP-R2 and R2 enclosure sensor cluster are available upon request. The main difference between SMP-PRO-R2 and SMP-R2 is the SMP-PRO-R2 comes with a 8 line OLED for standalone display of sensor and relay information along with hard wired or wireless remote control capabilities where the SMP-R2 has the same capabilities as the SMP-PRO-R2 minus the display. The imaging sensors such as the SQM meter sensor are used to determine if imaging, visual or technical work is appropriate. The SQM features include a graphical reporting system on the software GUI which graphically maps NELM (Naked Eye Limiting Magnitude) and MPSAS (Magnitude Per Square Arc Sec) over a programmable measurement scale as low as 1 sample every 3 seconds. The Sky Brightness sensor is measured and displayed in LUX. The Cloud Sensor is IR based and informs the user whether cloud formations or clear conditions are present, necessary for imaging or visual work. The other sensors are self explanitory and add to the overall SKY Master Product Capability. The relay option out has two options for the SMP-PRO-R2, SMP-R2 familiy based on the needs of the user. If the user already has a relay output for dome control, option 1 includes a +5V, 500 mA output when relay activated due to sensor readings using a 3.5mm audio jack output along with a LED output. If a relay is required, option 2 provides a 120/240 VAC or 12/24 VDC 10 Amp relay output using a +/- AR binding posts along with LED output when activated. The basic configuration is to mount your sensor configuration to the location desired on your observatory or telescope mount. Then, connect to your PC with the USB cable and power supply provided and launch the GUI interface provided to read sensor readings and the user can let the system control when the dome should close based on user rules or sensors equipped or can be done manually by the user using the GUI interface.

Astro-Smart is the innovator of this elegant and convenient sky master sensor and control system solution to your telescope mount or observatory needs . The Computerized Sky Master System Controller Pro (Model: SMP-PRO-R2, SMP-R) is a economical yet superior Automation solution made available to the amateur or professional Astronomer. The Computerized Sky Master System Controller Pro (Model: SMP-PRO-R2, SMP-R) is designed to be used with any make or model observatory and or telescope mount where the user needs information of the night sky.