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Stargazing June 15th ✦ 6pm-10pm
Stargazing June 15th ✦ 6pm-10pm

Askar V Modular APO Refractor

by Askar
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Askar V is a newly launched product concerning our customers' needs. It comes out with a big innovation, which means it has not only two objective lens (60mm and 80mm), but also three accessories (reducer, flattener, and extender). Users can choose and adapt accessories according to their needs in focal lengths.

The overall appearance of the Askar V is simple and generous, the color scheme of ivory white and silver makes it cool and elegant, and every detail of the design reflects exquisite craftsmanship and quality. Askar V not only has an elegant appearance and high-quality mechanical design, but also has excellent star performance and rich function configuration.

The V60 objective lens and V80 objective lens, both adopt a triplet APO design, two of which are ED glass, which can effectively eliminate chromatic aberration and increase image clarity. The V60 native focal ratio is f/6, and the focal length is 360mm. The V80 native focal ratio is f/6.25, and the focal length is 500mm. V is equipped with three additional accessories that are adjustable to 60mm or 80mm scales through rotation. The rear end of each accessory has M48 and M54 adapters with 2" built-in filter thread and the back focus is a standard 55mm.

Using the reducer, can effectively reduce exposure time and expand the field of view to meet more of the shooting requirements. When the reducer is used with V60 objective lens, the focal length is reduced to 270mm, and the focal ratio is increased to f/4.5; when the reducer is used with V80 objective lens, the focal length is reduced to 384mm, and the focal ratio is increased to f/4.8.The V reducer unlocks the new performance of the Askar V, bringing more convenience and possibilities for your wide-field deep sky astrophotography.

The V flattener improves field curvature, edge quality and reduces aberrations. When used with the 60mm objective lens, the focal length remains 360mm and the focal ratio is f/6, while when used with the 80mm objective lens, the focal length changes to 495mm and the focal ratio becomes f/6.18. The V flattener helps you make clearer and more professional photos. It is an indispensable aid to high quality photography.

V extender, as the highlight of the product set, fully shows our none-stop innovation spirit and fulfill a part of the market vacant. V extender being used with the objective lens at the aperture of 60mm, the focal length is 446mm and the focal ratio is f/7.43; at the aperture of 80mm, the focal length is 600mm and the focal ratio is f/7.5. It supports both the connection to objective lenses of different apertures and the effective extension of the focal length, allowing clearer images to be captured and more detail to be observed.

V comes with new scaled 360° rotator and finder base, 1.25” and 2” visual adapters, supporting high-quality visual observation. Multifunctional handle design makes it more portable and easier to connect to vixen style finder base and accessories.

In a word, this telescope is a highly cost-effective choice whose advantage of multi-function caters for all level amateurs. Whether you are new to astronomical telescopes or an experienced amateur, you will find something to suit your needs in V. The Askar V is an absolute must-have telescope for you.

*Attention: When using the V60 objective lens, you can rotate the accessory to 60 scales to use; when using the V80 objective lens, the accessories should be rotated to 80 scales to adapt to the different aperture sizes of the different objective lenses.