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Antlia ALP-T Dualband 5nm Filter - 2" Mounted

by Antlia
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This 2" mounted APT-T dual band 5nm filter is optimized to work with imaging systems slower than f/4. For faster optics from f/2.2 to f/3.6, the highspeed ALP-T version should be used.

The Antlia ALP-T dual band 5nm filter is a dual line-pass filter which was designed to be used primarily with one-shot color (OSC) cameras such as DSLR's or astronomical OSC cameras. 

The advanced multi-coatings on the ALP-T dual band filter effectively isolates the red Ha and the blue-green OIII lines light from emission nebulae, with almost total suppression of optical density (OD)4.5 on unwanted wavelengths from light pollution, moonlight, and airglow. 

The filter enables the capture of the two main emission nebulae bands at the same time, whilst suppressing unwanted light pollution. It enables you to capture cleaner data and reduces the post processing efforts to isolate faint details from the background light pollution. 



  • FWHM: 5nm
  • CWL (Central Wavelength): 656.3nm
  • Peak Transmission: 90%
  • Blocking: ≥OD4.5 @ 300-1050nm
  • Filter Thickness: 2mm+/-0.05mm

Oxygen III

  • FWHM: 5nm
  • CWL (Central Wavelength): 500.7nm
  • Peak Transmission: 82%
  • Blocking: ≥OD4.5 @ 300-1050nm
  • Filter Thickness: 2mm+/-0.05mm