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  • Aligning a Computerized Telescope for Imaging

    Aligning a Computerized Telescope for Imaging

    Note: For specific instructions on aligning various models of computerized telescopes, see the Aligning a Computerized Telescope section of theTelescope Basics site. Below are general recommendations for aligning for CCD imaging. Most computerized or goto telescopes need to be aligned...

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  • Choosing a Target

    When you first start imaging, you will probably want to take pictures of the objects you are familiar with from visual observing. This will allow you to see your favorite objects in spectacular new detail. Eventually, you might also want...

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  • Finding Celestial Objects

    Finding Celestial Objects

    Computerized telescopes are becoming increasingly popular. These telescopes make finding celestial objects extremely easy. However, there are still many non-computerized scopes out there, and even for users of goto scopes there are some tricks necessary for getting the exact picture...

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