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HyperStar Conversion Kits

HyperStar Conversion Kits

Not all telescopes are inherently compatible with HyperStar. In order to use HyperStar, your telescope must have a removable secondary mirror. The secondary mirror is taken out of the telescope and safely stored when the HyperStar lens is in place. Starizona offers HyperStar Conversion Kits, which allow non-compatible telescopes to be converted, allowing the use of HyperStar. Conversion kits are available for Celestron 8", 11", and 14" SCTs. Kit Diagram
The image above shows a diagram of how the HyperStar Conversion Kit works. The secondary mirror assembly is replaced, while the optics (secondary mirror and corrector lens) are those from the original telescope. Once converted, there is no difference in terms of using the telescope at f/10. The scope is then easily converted between the f/10 and f/2 configurations and back again. Watch this video to see how the HyperStar is installed on a converted telescope.
Conversion Kit Components
Pictured above are the components of the HyperStar Conversion Kit for a Celestron telescope. The parts include a retaining ring, secondary mirror mounting plate, lock ring, and baffle tube. Starizona recommends that we install the HyperStar Conversion Kit. For users who choose not to send their scope to Starizona for conversion, watch this video to see how to install the Conversion Kit yourself. If installing the kit yourself, use extreme caution when handling the optical components of the telescope.
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