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The Electronic Filter wheel can be rotated in both counter clockwise or clockwise direction for filter selection.

There is no need for multiple cables to power this wheel up, just use the USB cable it comes with. The power consumption of this EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be operated from the Cooled CCD’s USB hub.

  • What`s in the box?
  • 1. 8*31mm or 7*36mm EFW body
  • 2. 1.25″ cover
  • 3. T2 nosepiece
  • 4. 1.25″ holder(with cover and 2 screws)
  • 5. T2-T2 adapter(male)
  • 6. A bag of spacers
  • 7. USB2.0 2m cable
  • 8. Phillips screwdriver
  • 9. A bag of M2 screws