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Stargazing July 13th ✦ 7pm-10pm

The Sibley Guide to Birds

by Knopf
SKU 0-679-45122-6

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Author: David Allen Sibley

Softcover: 544 pages

David Allen Sibley, America's most gifted contemporary painter of birds, is the author and illustrator of this comprehensive guide. His beautifully detailed illustrations--more than 6,600 in all--and descriptions of 810 species and 350 regional populations will enrich every birder's experience.

The Sibley Guide's innovative design makes it entirely user-friendly. The illustrations are arranged to facilitate comparison, yet still capture the unique character of each species.

• Captioned illustrations show many previously unpublished field marks and revisions of known marks.

• Nearly every species is shown in flight

• Measurements include length, wingspan, and weight for every species

• Subspecies and geographic variants are covered thoroughly

• Complete voice descriptions are included for every species

• Maps show the complete distribution of every species: summer and winter ranges, migration routes, and rare occurrences