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Stargazing July 13th ✦ 7pm-10pm
Stargazing July 13th ✦ 7pm-10pm

Rainbow Astro RST-135 Weightless Mount


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Compact and light

Mount weighs only 7.2lb / 3.3kg. You do not need a separate bag for Mount. Just put it in your backpack.

Equatorial / Alt-Az dual Mount

You can easily change to Equatorial mode and Alt-Azi mode. Show your family a star easily in Alt-Azi mode.

Beauty of machined product

Feel the beauty of machined product. All parts of RST-135 are made by machining solid block. The RST-135 is the perfect premium mount.

No need counterweight

You do not need a counterweight to use a 29.7lb / 13.5kg telescope.

Strain wave gear

It is a new type of gear which is widely used in industrial robots. There is no backlash.

Built-in WiFi

This Mount has built-in WiFi. You can control and auto-guide the mount without cable.

Built-in GPS receiver

Built-in GPS receiver eliminates the need to enter the location of the observer.

Built-in Home sensor

Home sensor finds the mechanical origin by itself. This is useful for remote observation.


  • Mount Type Equatorial / Alt-Az Dual Mount
  • Type of Gear Strain Wave Gear
  • Payload 13.5kg (30lbs) - No need counterweight
    18kg (40lbs) – Use counterweight
  •   18kg (40lbs) – Use counterweight
  • Slew Speed 6º / Second
  • Latitude Range 0º to 90º
  • Power Input 12 to 16V DC

  • Power Consumption 0.2A - Tracking, 16V
    3A - Slewing, 16V
  •   3A - Slewing, 16V
  • Weight 3.3kg (7.3lbs)
  • Size(mm) 130 x 120 x 190
  • Materials AL 6061, Steel, Brass

  • ASCOM Support ASCOM Driver
  • Hand Controller Included
  • Additional Function Built-in WiFi
    Built-in GPS Receiver

    Built-in Home Sensor
  •   Built-in GPS Receiver
  •   Built-in Home Sensor