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Upcoming Stargazing September 16th
Upcoming Stargazing September 16th

CGX / CGX-L Pier Adapter Kit

In Stock
In Stock!

Three stand-off posts keep the top plate clear of the pier itself, allowing easy mounting and adjustment of the CGX. The posts are each 1" in diameter and provide 5" of clearance.

The bottom plate is designed to attach to a pier with three bolts. Three 1/2" bolt holes are provided in the bottom plate, between the stand-off posts.

Due to manufacturing times our pier adapters could take up to 2 weeks after your purchase to ship. This is not expected, but slight delays are possible if we receive higher-than-expected volume of orders. If you have any questions regarding when your order will ship feel free to call or email Starizona.


Base Plate Dimensions for Mounting