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Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm
Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm

EvoGuide 50 Clamshell Ring and Mounting Bracket for ZWO EAF

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This 3D printed bracket and mounting ring features a clamshell to hold the EvoGuide 50 OTA, plus a ZWO EAF autofocus motor and accessories such as the ZWO ASIAIR and mini guidescope.  Combined with the EvoGuide telescope, Starizona's Evo-FF field flattener and these ZWO accessories you have an awesome portable imaging setup!

The clamshell ring has brass threaded inserts for a variety of mounting options, including the stock green dovetail that comes with the EvoGuide as well as dovetail clamps from Losmandy and ADM.

A timing belt and pulleys are included to allow autofocusing of the EvoGuide's helical focuser.  A 3D printed pulley mounts to the green focuser ring with non-marring nylon set screws.

Printed parts are made with durable PETG filament.

Included:  3D printed clamshell ring with brass threaded inserts; 3D printed bracket to hold EAF motor and finderscope-foot mounted accessories; 3D printed focuser pulley wuith nylon set screws; aluminum motor pulley; timing belt; two 1/4-20 screws for dovetail mounting; four thumbscrews to hold accessories.

Just add an EvoGuide 50!  And a Starizona EvoFF field flattener!  And an imaging camera, guidescope, guide camera, ASIAIR, tracking mount, dark skies, no wind, no moon and you are set to go!