Observing with a Telescope

Observing Tips

Below are some basic techniques that experienced observers use all the time to enhance their viewing.  Many beginners are disappointed that they cannot see some of the details described in books or by other advanced observers.  All that is needed is to use the right methods of observing to see much more.  Employ these little… More »

Observing Theory

Light Grasp of a Telescope The primary function of a telescope is to gather light and funnel it into the observer’s eye.  The larger the telescope, the greater the amount of light captured.  Light gathering ability is a function of the area of the objective lens or primary mirror.  Thus the aperture, or diameter, determines… More »

Finding Objects

The Best Way to Begin There is no better way to start learning the stars than with a planisphere.  A planisphere is a flat, circular chart that can be set to any date and time.  Once set, the charts shows the entire sky laid out exactly as it appears for that particular date and time. … More »

Best Beginner’s Objects

Listed below are some of the most impressive deep-sky objects for beginners to hunt down.  These objects are relatively easy to find and will wow anyone looking through your telescope!  The moon and planets are also great targets but are visible in different parts of the sky in different years.  Software and current magazines will… More »