Light Pollution and Nebula Filters

Light pollution filters and nebula filters are used to enhance the view of deep sky objects.  They both work in a similar manner, but are intended for slightly different purposes.  In fact, nebula filters really are just a type of light pollution filter.  These filters are normally designed to thread into the bottom of an… More »

Solar Filters

Might as well get the obligatory warning out of the way.  The sun generates more energy in one second than all the power plants on Earth could create in a million years.  It’s really, really, really bright and without a proper solar filter it will do unpleasant things like melt your eyeballs, so be careful.… More »

Lunar and Planetary Filters

Two types of filters are often used to enhance planetary detail.  The most popular method is to use a neutral density or polarizing filter to cut down the glare from bright objects like the moon and Venus.  There are also color filters which are used to enhance specific details of certain planets.  Both types of… More »