CCD Calculators

Pixel Resolution and Field of View Calculator

Knowing the field of view of a CCD camera on a certain telescope is critical when selecting targets for imaging. It is also a useful way of comparing cameras or combinations of cameras and telescopes. Pixel size factors into the resolution obtainable with a given setup and is one way to match an appropriate camera… More »

Eyepiece Projection Calculator

One of the most common methods for increasing the magnification of a telescope for imaging the planets it “eyepiece projection”. An eyepiece projection adapter holds an eyepiece between the CCD camera and telescope. Changing the eyepiece changes the magnification, as does increasing or decreasing the distance from the eyepiece to CCD (some adapters are adjustable… More »

Ideal Exposure Calculator

This calculator allows you to determine the ideal exposure time for subframes that will be stacked. It requires that you take a test exposure using your CCD imaging setup and measure the background sky value. Please refer to the CCD Imaging Theory page on Optimum Exposures for the details behind these calculations.   How to… More »

Equivalent Exposure Calculator

Have you ever visited a website with an impressive CCD image and wondered what it would take to get that picture with your equipment? This calculator will give you the necessary exposure time with a given CCD and telescope needed to match that taken with another camera and scope. The camera and telescopes listed below… More »

Planetary Imaging Equipment

Webcams Currently, the best planetary images are being taken with webcams.  The techniques that these inexpensive cameras allow make the capable of achieving better planetary images than even the most expensive CCD cameras.  For details on using these cameras, visit the Webcam page.  Many of the accessories listed here are useful for webcam imaging as… More »

Choosing the Right Camera

There are many options to consider when choosing a CCD camera, but usually there are a couple majors factors which can make the decision easier. Admittedly cost is one of the most important factors, but there can be a variety of cameras available within your price range. Matching a CCD camera to a particular telescope… More »