Advanced CCD Equipment


If you have not already, please read the section on Basic CCD Accessories for some of the most common items used to make imaging easier.  Below are some of the best accessories for advanced imaging. Autoguiders If your CCD camera does not have built-in self-guiding (as do some of the SBIG and Starlight Xpress cameras),… More »

Advanced CCD Cameras

When starting in CCD imaging, price often determines what camera you buy.  Relatively inexpensive CCDs typically have smaller chips, lowerquantum efficiency, and lack certain features such as self-guiding and compatibility with certain accessories.  Advanced CCDs take up where the smaller camera leave off, offering larger chips and more features (although inexpensive CCDs get better and… More »

Advanced Mounts

Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes and refractors are the most popular systems for CCD imaging.  Most SCTs come as a complete system with optical tube and fork-mount as one assembly.  Less expensive refractors may include a small German equatorial mount, but many high-end refractors are sold simply as optical tubes only and require a separate mount to be… More »

Advanced Telescopes

The most popular telescope design used for CCD imaging is the Schmidt-Cassegrain.  This design offers a lot of versatility for both imaging and viewing.  This fact as well as their portability and moderate price make them very popular instruments.  However, many CCD imagers graduate to telescopes which are more specialized for specific types of imaging. … More »

Filters for Imaging

The most basic use for filters is for taking color images.  By shooting through red, green, and blue colored filters it is possible to capture objects in full color.  Filters can also be used to enhance certain details, to block light pollution, or to isolate certain features of an object for either aesthetic or scientific… More »

Planetary Imaging Equipment

Webcams Currently, the best planetary images are being taken with webcams.  The techniques that these inexpensive cameras allow make the capable of achieving better planetary images than even the most expensive CCD cameras.  For details on using these cameras, visit the Webcam page.  Many of the accessories listed here are useful for webcam imaging as… More »