Starizona Filter Slider - RASA 8 - ZWO Cooled

Starizona Filter Slider - RASA 8 - ZWO Cooled

Starizona's Filter Slider - RASA 8 allows you to use and interchange filters with select ZWO cameras on the RASA 8". It is the only system that will allow you to interchange 3rd-party filters while using select ZWO Cooled cameras.


The filter drawers can be pulled in and out using a small knob. This knob is required because the filter slider will be completely flush with your camera, leaving no room to grab the filter drawers. Extra Filter Drawers can be purchased separately.

This Filter System will ONLY work with the following cameras on the RASA 8.

  • - ZWO ASI1600MM Pro
  • - ZWO ASI1600MC Pro
  • - ZWO ASI294MC Pro
  • - ZWO ASI533MC Pro
  • - ZWO ASI183MM Pro
  • - ZWO ASI183MC Pro
  • - Diameter: 3.10" (78.8mm)
  • - Thickness: 0.76" (19.5mm)
  • - Telescope Side Threads: M42 Female Threads
  • - Camera Side Threads: M42 Female Threads
  • - Filter Size: Standard 2"
  • - Weight: 5 oz. (140g)


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