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With 169% of the light gathering power of 8" scopes, this unique system makes it possible to offer a Maksutov-Cassegrain-like design in a big but manageable package. Consisting of Pyrex® primary and secondary spherical mirrors, Vixen's improvement of Maksutov's design is the incorporation of a 2-element corrector lens in front of the secondary mirror. This system tidily corrects spherical aberration and field curvature. It also eliminates the need for a big, expensive and heavy front corrector plate found in conventional Maksutov designs. In addition, the resulting open tube design excludes the possibility of dew condensing on a full-aperture corrector.

Both aluminized mirrors are dielectric coated to extend reflectivity down to the IR region and achieve more than 95% reflectivity. Focusing is via primary mirror movement and optical collimation is accomplished by secondary mirror adjustments, just like on the smaller Schmidt-Cassegrains telescopes many amateurs are accustomed to.

VMC260L with 2” eyepiece adapter, dual T-thread flip-mirror with dual 1¼” eyepiece adapters, 7x50mm finder, carry handle with ¼"-20 piggyback bolt and removable mounting rail (78mm / 3" wide x 590mm / 22.25" long x 25mm / 1" tall) with sliding balance bar.


  • Optical Design: Catadioptric Cassegrain
  • Aperture: 260mm (10.25")
  • Focal Length: 3000mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/11.5
  • Field Corrector: 2-element corrector
  • Tube Length: 670mm (26.4")
  • Tube Diameter: 340mm (13.4")
  • Tube Weight: 11kg (24.3 lbs)