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Next Stargazing April 22nd
Next Stargazing April 22nd

Totality: Eclipses of the Sun

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Authors: Mark Littmann, Ken Willcox, Fred Espenak

Hardcover: 296 pages

Solar eclipses are among nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles. Totality: Eclipses of the Sun shows you why people travel to the ends of the Earth to experience them. The authors, three of the world’s foremost experts on the subject, help you appreciate the eclipse experience and understand the science of eclipses. They teach you everything you ever wanted to know about solar eclipses, from their early history and mythology, to eclipse photography, to an explanation of the Sun’s anatomy.

Do you know about an eclipse’s corona? The diamond-ring effect? Baily’s Beads? After reading Totality, you’ll not only know what they are - you’ll learn how to observe them safely and how to capture their brilliance on film and video. This valuable guide contains dozens of vignettes, tables, diagrams, and references. It concludes with individual maps for every solar eclipse through the year 2020 and helpful appendixes with all the information you need to observe them.