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Next Stargazing April 22nd
Next Stargazing April 22nd

StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope

by Orion
SKU 10016

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Orion has done their popular StarBlast 4.5 Astro Telescope one better. The Orion-designed StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope takes the same compact, wide-field, user-friendly concept and expands on it, literally. The StarBlast 6 boasts fully 73% more light-gathering area than its smaller counterpart, which means you will see fainter objects and tons more detail. Yet the scope is still highly portable, weighing only 23.5 lbs., and comes with the base fully assembled in the box!

The StarBlast 6's 150mm (5.9") f/5.0 parabolic mirror provides ample aperture to reveal the planets and deep-sky gems in wonderful detail. The wide field of view makes finding and tracking objects easier than with longer focal-length telescopes, which makes this a superb beginner's instrument — for adults or kids. It also would make a terrific "grab-and-go" second telescope for more experienced stargazers.

Teflon bearings and adjustable altitude tension on the base ensure smooth maneuvering of the StarBlast 6. You just sight through the EZ Finder II aiming device to locate the object you want to view, then grip the navigation knob on the tube to point it. Pop the 25mm (30x) or 10mm (75x) Sirius Plossl eyepiece into the 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser and you're good to go. Keep the other eyepiece(s) at the ready in the convenient three-hole eyepiece rack. Two handle cutouts in the base allow easy lifting and transporting of the telescope. Set it on the ground or even on a small table or the hood of your car, then enjoy the view!

The StarBlast 6 isn't just a masterfully engineered, uncomplicated, and affordable telescope for all ages. It's also a blast! One-year limited warranty.