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Upcoming Stargazing October 21st
Upcoming Stargazing October 21st

Solar Eclipse Glasses


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Safely view the sun anytime and during all partial phases of an eclipse (viewer required for all phases of an annular eclipse). Thousand Oaks Optical's exclusive high quality substrates provide superior safety features, sharper solar images, and a pleasing orange solar image. These eclipse viewers do not use Mylar. All viewers meet CE requirements. More than 20 million sold.

BLACK POLYMER: Exclusive Thousand Oaks Optical formula developed solely for safe solar observation. Unlike metallized Mylar (commonly used in food packaging), this Polymer gives a sharp pleasing orange image versus unnatural pale blue. Mylar also reflects your eyes in the mirror-like surface making it difficult to see the sun. The protective properties of Black Polymer are throughout the substrate so there is never a concern about safety.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 16" (38mm x 406mm)