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What features make the Orion XX12 the best portable Dobsonian available?

The Orion XX12 is truly a one-of-a kind telescope. Orion has designed the XX12 to be the best Dob’ available by combining state-of-the-art materials and innovative features:

  • The XX12 utilizes true 8-pole trusses which provide a rigid tube that will not flex like other designs in this category.
  • The 8-pole trusses consist of 4 groups of two-pole truss assemblies which are rotatable upon disassembly for convenient, space-saving transport.
  • All truss assembly knobs are captive for no-tools required no-hassle tube assembly and disassembly.
  • The XX12 includes the Orion IntelliScope computerized object locator, which provides easy location of over 14,000 celestial objects. With Intelliscope technology included the XX12 truly has brains to match its 12” (305mm) optical brawn!
  • The XX12 base is equipped with nothing but the best material to provide amazingly smooth altitude and azimuth motion:
    • Enormous 8” altitude bearings (plastic on UHMW surfaces) equipped with Orion’s adjustable CorrecTension technology ensure smooth altitude motion.
    • Ultra-smooth azimuth base motion optimized by using EbonyStar laminate and true Virgin Teflon bearing surfaces.
    • Side-braces add stability to the stylish lightweight base.
  • The XX12 features a 2” dual-speed (11:1) Crayford focuser, allowing for detailed study of even the most elusive celestial targets.
  • Deluxe accessories include:
    • Robust 9x50 finder scope
    • 35mm DeepView 2” eyepiece for wide-field views, 10mm Sirius Plössl 1.25” eyepiece for high-magnification pursuits
    • Cooling Accelerator Fan for speedy mirror temperature equilibration
    • “Navigation knob” for easy slewing across the night sky
    • Dust caps for top and bottom optical tube sections.
    • Aluminum eyepiece rack (holds 3 1.25” eyepieces and one 2” eyepiece)
    • Collimation cap to ensure optical alignment
    • Convenient carrying handle for base
  • The XX12 also includes Starry Night Orion Special Edition software, now equipped with telescope control functionality, a $69.90 value – free!