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Lots of Bang for the Buck!

The bigger a telescope is, the more you will see. Dobsonians are very popular for beginners because they give you the most telescope for the money. The Orion SkyQuest™ XT6 is an ideal starter scope for both adults and kids: it's easy to setup and use and will show you thousands of celestial wonders from the rings of Saturn to the Great Orion Nebula!


  • Aperture: 150mm (5.9")
  • Focal Length: 1200mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/8
  • Eyepieces: 25mm (48x)
  • Finderscope: EZ Finder II reflex sight
  • Focuser: 1.25" Rack-and-pinion
  • Weight (assembled): 34 lbs. 6 oz.
  • Tube Length: 45.5 in.