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Stargazing Aug 31st ✦ 7pm-10pm

Nikon Z Mirrorless Camera Adapter with large diameter stainless steel “Z” Lens bayonet [ADANIK-Z]


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Designed to be used with: Dedicated CCD Field Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors.

This Camera Adapter for Nikon Z mirrorless cameras with its large inside diameter bayonet minimizes vignetting on full frame sensors by eliminating the restrictive 1.5" (38 mm) diameter standard T-thread interface.

The adapter body is precision-machined aluminum and is anodized black. The bayonet is machined stainless steel, and both the body and the bayonet are baffled and painted flat black on the inside.

The ADANIK-Z will place the camera's sensor at the perfect 80.8 mm distance from the mating surface of CCD Field Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors. It must be used with the appropriate Backfocus Spacer Extension that is recommended for your system.

Please note: this adapter can NOT be used with Nikon “F” camera bodies.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 2.55" (64.8 mm).

Refer to the following diagrams for additional information regarding spacing: