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Next Stargazing April 22nd
Next Stargazing April 22nd

Making Every Pixel Count - The Complete Tutorial of CCDStack - Version 2


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This continuing series of tutorials explores the fundamentals of CCD image processing. In-depth topics on the elements of image calibration, reduction, and manipulation lead to completely worked examples- from beginning to end! Modular sections stand alone so that the data processing demonstrate a WORKFLOW that is easy to follow and understand.

CCDStack is a clever and concise tool box for CCD imagers. It offers an array of powerful utilities including data normalization, rejection, deconvolution, resampling, interpolation methods, and conditional range adjustments that put you in control of the numbers and the results.

By the end of this instructional experience, you will not only be able to use CCDStack proficiently- but also witness how creativity in your processing blossoms with the flexiblity that CCDStack offers. More than a "how to" video, this DVD (daringly) goes to great lengths to illustrate many of the "behind the scenes" concepts that will help the user make the best choices and know why they are choosing them!

DVD Contents (Sections)

  1. Introduction- 2 minutes
  2. First Tour of CCDStack- 22 minutes
  3. Philosophy of CCDStack- 15 minutes
  4. Mean, Median, and Mode- 16 minutes
  5. A BIT of Information- 39 minutes
  6. Darks, Biases and Flats- 44 minutes
  7. Processing NGC 6140- 100 minutes
  8. Blurs and Gaussian- 34 minutes
  9. Hot/Cold Pixel Removal and Deblooming- 21 minutes
  10. Gain and Read Noise- 20 minutes
  11. Processing NGC 5216 the Beginning- 12 minutes
  12. Calibration (NGC 5216)- 9 minutes
  13. Registration (NGC 5216)- 45 minutes
  14. Normalization (NGC 5216)- 25 minutes
  15. Data Rejection with StD and Poisson (NGC 5216)- 60 minutes
  16. Combine (NGC 5216)- 8 minutes
  17. Color Create (NGC 5216)- 27 minutes
  18. Deconvolution- 54 minutes
  19. Digital Development and Unsharp Mask- 28 minutes
  20. Results (NGC 5216)- 5 minutes
  21. Missing Value- 23 minutes
  22. One Shot Color (data from Chuck Vaughn)- 77 minutes
  23. Credits