<% 'The following line is used to control the page title that displays for merchant admin. 'acbtitle:CCD Software; 'The following line is used for wizard identification. 'acbwizard:ac_content_star; dim sThisPage as string = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") dim strConfPath as string = Replace(Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED"),".aspx",".wzc") if Len(Request.QueryString("PreviewWizard")) > 0 then if System.IO.File.Exists(strConfPath & "t") then strConfPath = strConfPath & "t" end if end if dim objConf as cbXMLData = new cbXMLData() objConf.Load(strConfPath) dim strThemePage as String 'get first available theme in order of precendence 'first check page property strThemePage = objConf.GetElementValue("THEME") if Len(strThemePage) = 0 then 'next check store property strThemePage = objStore.Theme end if dim objTheme as cbXMLData = new cbXMLData() objTheme.Load(System.IO.Path.Combine(objToken.Store.PhysicalDir, strThemePage)) Dim strCSSPage as string strCSSPage = objConf.GetElementValue("CSS") if len(strCSSPage) = 0 then strCSSPage = objTheme.GetElementValue("CSS") end if if len(strCSSPage) > 0 then response.write("" & vbcrlf) end if Dim lstHeadFoot as String = objConf.GetElementValue("HEADFOOT") %> <%=objConf.GetElementValue("TITLE")%>
<% Dim blnShowHeader2 as Boolean = (InStr(lstHeadFoot, "H2") > 0) if blnShowHeader2 then response.write(objTheme.GetElementValue("HEADER2")) end if %> <%=objConf.GetElementValue("CONTENT")%> <% 'check if footer 1 enabled in wiz options if InStr(lstHeadFoot, "F1") > 0 then 'display footer 1 from theme Response.Write(objTheme.GetElementValue("FOOTER1")) end if %>