Near-Earth Asteroid 2005 YU55

This video shows a sequence of the near-Earth asteroid 2005 YU55 during its closest approach to Earth on November 8th, 2011.

The 400-meter-wide asteroid was within 214,000 miles of Earth, or less than 90% the distance to the moon, when these images were captured. The apparent motion at the time was 7.3 arcseconds per second, or the apparent width of the full moon every four minutes. The field of view in this video is about 0.8 degrees wide.

Each frame in the video is a 1-second exposure with about a 3-second delay between exposures. The telescope used was a Celestron NexStar 11 GPS with Starizona HyperStar f/2 lens. The camera was a Starlight Xpress SXVR-H9C one-shot color CCD. The image was taken from Starizona in Tucson, AZ.

All 85 frames from the above sequence added together to show the motion of the asteroid.

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