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New Product! Starizona LensSlider

Our latest astrophotography innovation is the Starizona LensSlider which allows you to attach a Canon EF-compatible lens to a CCD camera and use our popular Filter Slider for easily changing filters. Available now!

Starizona's HyperStar on the ISS

NASA is currently using Starizona's HyperStar imaging system on a Celestron 9.25" telescope for the ISERV mission. The telescope is located in the WORF window, pointed back at Earth. Read about it here.

Free Shipping - NexStar Evolution Telescopes
For a limited time, Celestron's NexStar Evolution telescopes include free shipping!

HyperStar C6 Updated
Starizona's HyperStar C6 lens has a new optical design for 2016! It can now cover image sensors up to 16mm, making it compatible with the popular new Sony sensors in cameras like the Atik 4120EX and Starlight Xpress Trius SX-814. With a field of view up to 2.5 x 2.0 degrees, a Celestron 6" SCT with HyperStar is an awesome, portable wide-field imaging system.

SCT Corrector II
Our popular Starizona SCT Corrector, a focal reducer and coma corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, has been updated. The new design improves the reduction factor from 0.75x to 0.63x while maintaining the same backfocus, allowing for the use of most common camera setups. The SCT Corrector II can cover up to an APS (27mm) sensor size. For larger sensors up to 43mm, we offer a large format SCT Corrector LF for C11 and C14 telescopes.

Check out this single 8-second exposure of Comet Lovejoy and the Little Dumbbell Nebula taken by Starizona customer John Dolby using a HyperStar lens, CPC1100 telescope, and Canon 6D camera at ISO6400:

John says: "You’ve turned me into a lazy astronomer. While others work very hard and long, I set up quickly, shoot even more quickly, and put everything away quickly. This picture is a good example. Admittedly, I already knew the super wide-angle of the HyperStar and 6D combo was going to fit both of these targets (Lovejoy and M-76) onto a single frame. But I was shocked to take a single 8-second exposure (yes, not a typo: 8 seconds!) and then just stop and pack things up for the night, because I was already happy with what I got. Thanks again for the HyperStar! I’m really a fan of f/2. Anything else is too slow."

Baader f/2 Highspeed Filters
Baader Planetarium's new f/2 Highspeed Filters are perfect for fast optical systems like HyperStar. Normal narrowband (Ha, OIII and SII) filters are not ideal with fast systems because of the wavelength shift caused by the fast light cone. Baader's Highspeed filters are pre-shifted to match f/2 optical systems, allowing for better transmission characteristics.

CGEM Landing Pad
Polar aligning your Celestron CGEM or CGEM DX mount is now easy! The Starizona CGEM Landing Pad provides a much finer, super-smooth, backlash-free azimuth adjustment for precisely aligning a CGEM mount. It also makes lining up the mount on its tripod simple.

Cool Edge SCT Cooler
Starizona's newest innovative product is a cooling fan for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes that even works with the new Celestron Edge HD models. The Cool Edge blows filtered air through the telescope, rapidly stabilizing the optics with the ambient air temperature and improving image quality.

HyperStar Image of Omega Centauri Makes APOD
Fred Lehman's HyperStar image of the magnificent globular cluster Omega Centauri was chosen as the Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 31st, 2010.

Starizona's Hyperion Telescope Gets Hot New Product Award!


Sky & Telescope magazine has selected Starizona's Hyperion 12.5" f/8 astrograph as one of its 2010 Hot New Products. Check it out in the January issue of S&T. See more details on the Hyperion here.

Hyperion Video
We've posted our first StarizonaTV video on YouTube. It features the Hyperion astrograph. You can see all the Hyperion's features in action. Watch the video here.

HyperStar Goes to the White House
Starizona was invited to the White House on October 7th, 2009, to share the sky with 150 school kids. We took two HyperStar-equipped telescopes. See pictures here.

Celestron EdgeHD Telescopes
Celestron has announced a new optical design, the Edge HD. The design modifies a standard SCT design by producing a coma-free, flat field of view. Get true astrograph quality with the Edge HD series. The Edge HD scopes come standard with removeable secondary mirrors for HyperStar compatibility, allowing imaging at a fast f/2!

Edge HD Accessories from Starizona

Baader Planetarium
Baader Planetarium is now the exclusive distributor of Starizona's HyperStar products in Germany and Austria. Check out their HyperStar advertisement (PDF in German). Visit Baader Planetarium's website.

Star Vistas
Astrophotographer Greg Parker and image processing guru Noel Carboni have combined their talents to produce a beautiful new book: Star Vistas. The book contains stunning images of the universe, many taken with Starizona's HyperStar imaging system.

Messier Marathon with HyperStar
Rich Richins pulled an all-nighter and captured all 110 Messier objects with his HyperStar 11 and Canon 350D. Exposures were 8 x 15 seconds for each object. See the impressive results here.

400 Years of the Telescope DVD
This beautifully filmed documentary covers the amazing four-century history of telescopic astronomy.

Astronomy Magazine HyperStar Article
Check out astrophotographer Jack Newton's article on Starizona's HyperStar system in April's Astronomy magazine.

Comet Lulin in Motion!
Check out this great video (24MB AVI) of Comet Lulin moving across the sky from Fred Lehman. Fred captured 2 hours of images with his HyperStar M14 and compressed the sequence into just a few seconds.

HyperStar Image of Comet Lulin makes APOD
Rich Richin's spectacular image of Comet Lulin was selected for the Astronomy Picture of the Day, February 25th. Check out his image, taken with a HyperStar C11.

HyperStar Articles
Check out these two featured articles from the October issue of Astronomy Technology Today.

MaxIm DL 5 Tutorials
The first video tutorials are now available for MaxIm DL version 5!

HyperStar Video
Check out the HyperStar video tutorials, including a new video showing how easy it is to install the HyperStar lens on a telescope!

Top Picks
We've selected our favorite items from telescopes and binoculars to books and accessories!

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