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"HyperStar is awesome, Dean! The wait was so worth it. The first image we took (M13) was a better shot (30 sec) than any stacked 40x40 sec exposures from the past. Needless to say, the smiles on our faces didn't stop and still haven't. How cool!

Dean, you're a good man and AGAIN I appreciate your help for everything. It was appreciated seeing you hustle on Tuesday to ensure we would have a great trip. So far it's been incredible....... thanks to you!"

- Greg Torda

"I have always thought that this was the most amazing development for amateur astronomers - and I still do."

- Greg Parker, author of Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images

"I connected the laptop, did a sync on the Celestron CPC800XLT and slewed toward the Horsehead Nebula. Never seen it before through a scope and always wanted to. Started to download the images and must admit my wife's jaw dropped as well as mine when I saw the images on the laptop. Your product is fantastic!!! It is truly the most amazing product I have ever seen for a scope. Thanks so much!!!"

- Quintin-John Smith

"I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful tool, which makes imaging much easier and brings a lot of joyful moments. The shipment arrived quickly and all in all, I'm heavily impressed about the service from Starizona."

- Best wishes from Basel/Switzerland, Roland

"Thank you so much for all of your help these past few months. I used my new setup on Sunday and everything just worked so well. The images with the Hyperstar and the Atik 314L+ are spectacular. I used the Artemis capture and processed with Maxim DL and imaged the eagle, swan and lagoon nebulas. After seeing these newest images, even my wife was impressed!

"I never dreamed that I could take such amazing images from my own backyard. Thanks again!"

- Viktor Toth

"This is absolutely blowing me away. The unguided short subs were already fantastic, but I am simply astounded by what's on my screen as I type this. I can already see the light-gathering of this combo is just unreal. THANKS!!"

- Craig Miller

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