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Celestron Edge HD and Starizona Accessories

Get the best performance out of your Celestron Edge HD telescope with Starizona accessories!


Celestron's new Edge HD telescopes include Fastar lens assemblies, which allows the easy removal of the secondary mirror. This allows the use of Starizona's HyperStar lens for high-speed deep-sky imaging. HyperStar converts the telescope from f/10 to f/2, producing a wide, flat field with pinpoint stars across the full frame. It is the perfect compliment to long-focal-length imaging with the Edge HD scopes. HyperStar lenses are compatible with 8", 11" and 14" Edge HD telescopes.

Feathertouch SCT MicroFocuser

Edge HD telescopes (all sizes) are compatible with our Feathertouch SCT MicroFocusers. The MicroFocuser gives a 10:1 fine focus adjustment, allowing precise focusing, which is critical for getting sharp images. The MicroFocuser also allows use of Starizona's MicroTouch autofocuser, which will automatically focus your telescope when imaging.

Cool Edge SCT Cooler

The latest innovative product from Starizona is designed to help rapidly stabilize your telescope with the ambient air temperature.

The Cool Edge was designed with Celestron's EdgeHD optical system in mind. Because this telescope design has lens elements inside the primary baffle tube, it is not possible to use a traditional SCT cooler that pushes air through the back of the telescope. But the EdgeHD telescopes combine rear-cell air vents with Fastar-compatible optics, allowing the Cool Edge to work from the front of the scope.

The Cool Edge attaches to the telescope just like a HyperStar lens would; you simply remove the secondary mirror and thread the Cool Edge on. All Fastar-compatible telescopes ship with easily removable secondary mirrors to allow the use of a HyperStar lens. This also allows the use of the Cool Edge.

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