Launched from Japan in July, 2012, ISERV Pathfinder was installed and activated on the International Space Station in January, 2013, and consists of a Celestron 9.25" SCT on a modified CPC-series mount, equipped with Starizona's HyperStar lens for high-speed imaging with a Canon EOS 7D, and Starizona's MicroTouch autofocuser for precision focus adjustments. The camera is positioned to look through the Destiny module's Earth-facing window. Acting on commands from the ground, it can photograph specific areas of the Earth's surface as the space station passes over them.

First Light from Space

Below is the first-light image of a region in Panama. Click for a higher-resolution version with details.

Read more details on the NASA press release webpage.

Installation of the ISERV Telescope

Astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted pictures from the ISS during the installation of the ISERV telescope in January. Check out his Twitter feed @Cmdr_Hadfield to see the amazing pictures he has taken of Earth from space.

ISERV Telescope Launch from Japan

The ISERV telescope was launched on a Japanese HII-B rocket carrying supplies to the ISS in July, 2012. Check out the video of the launch below.

More Information

For more pictures, videos, links, and details on the development of the HyperStar-equipped ISERV telescope, visit this page.