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Wow, finally new graphics for the website!  But the new additions aren't all style -- there is substance too!  Over 50 pages have been updated or added, so start learning!

New & Updated Pages

HyperStar Imaging - A new section with details on taking and processing images with HyperStar systems

CCD Discoveries - An interview with comet hunter David Levy on searching for new objects

Registax Tutorial - Updated for Version 4

Imaging NGC253 - A step-by-step example of capturing and processing a deep-sky CCD image.  Every secret revealed!

Imaging Mars - A step-by-step example of capturing and processing a planetary webcam image.  More secrets revealed!

Astronomy Articles - Resources on imaging and optical design

CCD Imaging Projects - Can't sleep?  Here are some fun projects to try with your telescope and camera!


Check Out These Other Featured Pages

Narrowband Imaging -- Details on a method of imaging that captures amazing detail and is becoming increasingly popular

CCD Calculators -- New calculators have been added, and the original ones have been updated for the newest cameras and telescopes

Site Index -- A handy way to navigate the Guide to CCD Imaging website

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