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VersaGo Precision Altazimuth Mount

SKU: 5682
PRICE: 369.95

VersaGo Precision Altazimuth Mount Description
Wonderfully Stable, Smooth Control for Telescopes

Here's an elegantly simple, easy-to-operate telescope mount that frees you up to just enjoy the view rather than struggle with the equipment. It's sturdy and "grab-and-go" portable, with silky smooth motion. For stargazing or daytime scoping, the VersaGo is a dream.

The VersaGo's slanted aluminum support arm has a dovetail saddle that allows easy coupling of your telescope tube. It can hold up to a 6" reflector or Cassegrain tube and allows it to point straight up to the zenith. And unlike some less expertly engineered mounts, the VersaGo holds the telescope tube over the mount's center of gravity, not off to the side, for superior stability. Teflon bearings glide your telescope effortlessly wherever you aim it. The foam-grip panning shaft and oversized aluminum tensioning knobs give you extremely fine positioning control. The motion is so smooth you can even track moving targets. And the VersaGo sets up in a jiffy. Get one today! One-year limited warranty.

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