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VMC110L w/SkyPod

SKU: 25006
PRICE: 1,299.00

VMC110L w/SkyPod Description
The Vixen VMC110L, a 110 mm (4.33 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/9.4 optical tube. Its features include a curved vane secondary mirror spider to reduce diffraction effects, and a correcting meniscus lens just ahead of the Secondary Mirror as its larger cousins the VMC200L and VMC260L incorporate.

The Skypod is a unique portable alt-azimuth computer controlled "Go To" mount that evolved from the very successful Vixen Sphinx mount. The Skypod incorporates a compact computer controlled Alt-Az system that automatically slews the telescope from one object to another. The 22,000 plus object data base provides an endless variety of objects to view and is upgradeable.

This new and portable GoTo travel mount uses the modified Starbook S hand controller that offers the same practical user concept of the Sphinx controller. A display shows a map of the sky so that you always know where you are.

The controller is integrated into the mount. You can take it off for remote control, but you can always put it back for save storage and transport. This means that for transport you can avoid all the separate small parts that are otherwise easily lost.

Because the Skypod it is based on Vixens flexible mounting system, a wide variety of telescopes will easily and quickly attach to this mount. Skypod provides good portability combined with ease of use and versatility. You can store the mount and the telescope separately. For airline traveling you can take the VMC110L along as carry-on luggage while the mount goes with the rest of your luggage.

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