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Truss Shroud - Hyperion 16"

PRICE: 99.99

Truss Shroud - Hyperion 16" Description

Custom shroud to fit the truss poles of the Hyperion 16" astrograph. Protect your Hyperion from dust, moisture, stray light and stray fingers! The black stretchable shroud fits snugly around the front ring, truss poles, and square truss plate of the Hyperion.

The Hyperion shrouds are custom made for Starizona by Shrouds by Heather. The following description is from Heather's website:

Every Shroud by Heather is layed out, measured, re-measured, sewn and inspected with great care prior to shipment. We use only the finest Nylon/Lycra blended materials, which in concert with elastic banding on each end of the shroud yield a light-tight enclosure around the open section of your Truss Dobsonian.

Unlike other manufacturers' shrouds, ours are not made from "kite material" and will not sag into the optical pathway of the scope. The materials we use make for a form-fitting, curve-hugging, aestetically pleasing shroud.

There are no draw-strings to break, as on other "custom" shrouds, or tie-downs that rip the fabric, as on some large manufacturers' products,or velcro and snaps that come loose on our shrouds. Simply put, each shroud is custom tailored to your individual telescope and requires no adjustment on your end (simply leave the shroud bunched up around the bottom of your UTA and then pull it down over the Truss poles when assembling the scope).

Furthermore, water will not collect on the shroud surface and then drip onto your primary, as one large scope manufacturer's shrouds allow. Instead, Shrouds by Heather allow the dew to gently soak into the shroud material and spread out, keeping drips from forming. The shroud need only be left outside the next morning for our resilient material to air dry.

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