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TeleVue NP-101

SKU: NPF-4056
PRICE: 3,995.00

TeleVue NP-101 Description

The Tele Vue-NP101(Nagler/Petzval) represents the closest realization yet of the "ideal" multi-purpose photo/visual telescope. Its snap-to-focus sharpness across even the widest true fields, and rich planetary contrast will take your breath away. Its quality, easy set-up, and airline portability beckons your use.

Over 20 years ago Tele Vue reinterpreted the incredible design flexibility of the Petzval portrait lens into an astronomical objective. No other design type affords the freedom to simultaneously correct for: coma, astigmatism, field curvature, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration, and spherochromatism. The artful combination of materials and design bestows the Tele Vue-NP101 with diffraction limited performance into the furthest reaches of the visual spectrum.

Manufacturing advances in lens finishing, including interferometric monitoring of all surfaces, and Tele Vue's stringent assembly and quality control, insure uniformly excellent results with every telescope, and a level of manufacturer direct service all too rare.

If your interests range from terrestrial to rich-field or planetary astronomical, or to photography, just put in your eyepiece or attach a camera and the NP101 is ready to satisfy right out of its case.


  • Type: APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor (Elements/Groups: 4/2)
  • Objective: 101mm
  • Focal Length: 540mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5.4
  • Drawtube/Focuser: 2-inch, rack/pinion
  • Length OTA: 26.1"
  • Length with diagonal: 29" (with 2-inch diagonal)
  • Weight OTA/Std. Config: 9 lbs / 11.3 lbs
  • Maximum Visual Field: 4.9° (with 2-inch 55mm Plössl)
  • Maximum Recommended Power: 250x

Included Accessories

  • Sliding metal dew shield
  • Screw-on metal lens cover
  • Tube ring-mount with mounting threads
  • 2" Everbrite (99%, 1/10-wave) mirror diagonal with brass clamp ring
  • 1¼" eyepiece adapter with with brass clamp ring
  • Focusmate dual-speed focuser 10:1
  • Hard-shell carry case
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