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SkyQuest XT10i Intelliscope with Object Locator

SKU: 10019
PRICE: 809.99

SkyQuest XT10i Intelliscope with Object Locator Description

The SkyQuest™ XT10 continues its dominance over all other 10" Dobsonians worldwide by virtue of its dazzling optics, a contemporary new design, and most exciting of all, the ability to locate any of more than 14,000 fascinating celestial objects with pushbutton ease!

With the IntelliScope® Computer Controller, locating and viewing even the most elusive deep-sky curiosities becomes a “no brainer.” Just select an object to view from the controller’s 14,000-object database. High-resolution, 9,216-step digital encoders integrated in the telescope then pinpoint the object and guide the scope right to it. Choose from dozens of additional menu options, including tours of the best deep-sky gems each month and identification of any object in the field of view. Oh, so that’s the Cat’s Paw Nebula!

The XT10 IntelliScope® features exquisite optics: a 10" (254mm) parabolic mirror (1200mm focal length, f/4.7) figured from low-expansion, U.S.-made Pyrex glass for superior thermal stability. It gathers 56% more light than an 8" mirror, reaching stars as faint as magnitude 15. The steel optical tube, now finished in deep bronze metallic enamel, is equipped with a 2" cast aluminum Crayford-style focuser, a navigation knob for easy slewing, a big 9x50 finder scope, and two Sirius™ Plössl eyepieces.

The Crayford-style focuser is smoother and more accurate than a rack-and-pinion focuser. Roller bearing construction eliminates image shift due to drawtube “rocking”. Upgraded metal focusing knobs with rubber grips give you a great feel, and a thumb screw for locking the focus position and adjusting tension give you greater control. The focuser includes an adapter for 1.25" eyepieces.

Orion has streamlined the rock-stable Dobsonian base and upgraded it with a springless CorrecTension system that ensures even better manual tracking control and tube balance. Bearings molded from ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene and Teflon provide silky smooth motion of the telescope on both axes. A 2"/1.25" eyepiece rack and new, ergonomic carry handle come standard. Even without the optional IntelliScope® Computer Controller, this next-generation XT10 provides an unparalleled deep-space observing experience. Smart scope. Smart price. Smart buy. Get the SkyQuest™ XT10 IntelliScope® today! One-year limited warranty.

The IntelliScope® controller is NOT compatible with other encoder systems or other computerized telescopes. Previous SkyQuest™ versions or other Orion telescopes cannot be retrofitted for IntelliScope® compatibility.


  • Aperture: 254mm (10")
  • Focal Length: 1200mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.7
  • Eyepieces: 25mm (48x), 10mm (120x)
  • Finderscope: 9x50 Right-Angle
  • Focuser: 2" Crayford
  • Weight (assembled): 55 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Tube Length: 47.8 in.
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