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Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design

SKU: 0-943396-57-3
PRICE: 59.95

Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design Description
Author: Gregory Hallock Smith

Hardcover: 428 pages

The introduction of the computer revolutionized the way lenses (optical systems) are designed and evaluated. Gone is the drudgery of the past. Gone are the arcane methods. Today the process of designing lenses is more direct, much faster, and infinitely easier.

The recent advent of the personal computer and affordable optical design software has extended this revolution. These latest advances allow more people to design lenses than ever before.

This book tells how to design and evaluate lenses using computers. The approach is general and fundamental, and is not limited to one specific software program. Thus, this book should be useful for many years to come.

If you are interested in lenses, lens design can also be an exciting and creative experience, and an attempt has been made to convey this feeling to the reader.

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