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MicroTouch Shuttle

PRICE: 499.00

MicroTouch Shuttle Description

The MicroTouch Shuttle is a new compact controller option for Starizona's popular MicroTouch autofocuser for Feathertouch Focusers. The standard control box is still available, but the Shuttle was designed to be a smaller unit for those who often use the autofocuser for visual use as well as imaging. It is easily hand held for manual use and features a built-in rechargeable battery.

The Shuttle control box is smaller at 2.8” x 2.7” x 1.75” (compared to the standard box at 6.25” x 3.8” x 1.25”). To shrink the size, the Shuttle eliminates the LCD display of the standard box, which is rarely used during computer control of the autofocuser when software is reading the position of the focuser. The Shuttle easily fits in your hand for manual focusing while viewing through an eyepiece. LEDs indicate the power status and when the focus motor is moving.

The Shuttle also has a built-in rechargeable battery to eliminate the power cord, which is especially useful for hand-held use. The Shuttle easily runs all night on a single charge. The included AC charger also allows for power from an external source.

The price for the complete MicroTouch autofocuser system, including stepper motor, is $499 with either the new Shuttle or with the standard control box. The Shuttle hand box is available separately for $299 for users who already own a stepper motor purchased with the original-style hand box. The MicroTouch is available to fit all Feathertouch focusers, including SCT MicroFocusers, as well as Takahashi FSQ refractors, Skywatcher refractors, and TEC refractor large focusers. Please choose a motor option below.

View the instruction manual for this product
Download the 32/64-bit compatible drivers (updated for Windows 10 and earlier) and all necessary install files. Includes installation instructions, ASCOM 6 SP1, FocusMax, MicroTouch drivers, MicroTouch control software, etc. 74MB ZIP file.
Download same drivers (updated for Windows 10 and earlier) and install files as above, without ASCOM (for users who already have ASCOM installed). 18MB ZIP file.
FocusMax Star List for HyperStar
Download this handy list of 24 perfect stars for focusing with FocusMax, the MicroTouch, and a HyperStar. Because of the sensitivity of HyperStar, the usual 3rd to 4th magnitude stars for training First Light in FocusMax are too bright. This list gives 5th to 6th magnitude stars, ideally located for northern hemisphere observers in the evening sky each month. Just type in the RA and DEC into your goto scope and you'll easily find the perfect focusing star!

Read the MicroTouch Autofocuser article from Astronomy Technology Today magazine.

Choose motor option below.

Motor: Choose the Low-Profile Motor for SCT MicroFocusers (except old-style C14) or 2.0" Feathertouch focusers. For old-style C14, choose the Original Style 2.0" Motor. Choose the 2.5"/2.7"/3.0" Motor for 2.5" and 3.0" Feathertouch focusers or Astro-Physics 2.7" retrofits. Choose the 3.5"/4.0" Motor for 3.5" Feathertouch focusers or Astro-Physics 4.0" retrofits. Choose a Direct Drive for a zero-slip motor for heavy payloads on the 3.0" and 3.5" Feathertouch focusers. Now available are motors to fit Sky-Watcher USA refractors (all current models), Stellarvue refractors, and Takahashi FSQ refractors (106mm and 85mm).

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