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Making Every Pixel Count - Powerful Processing in Photoshop

PRICE: 99.99

Making Every Pixel Count - Powerful Processing in Photoshop Description

This DVD on Photoshop dramatically adds to the continuing series of tutorials, called Making Every Pixel Count, by Adam Block.

Introducing "Powerful Processing in Photoshop." This is a tutorial tell-all volume. If you were seated behind Adam Block while he processed images in Photoshop, this is what you would see. Extremely powerful ways to enhance your images and solve common maladies. While technically this is Volume "5" it completely replaces the old Volume 1 by including all of the original material (newly recorded) plus an advanced tool box of everything you need to know in Photoshop (PS CS3 and later). 9+ hours of material!

DVD Contents (Sections)

  1. Introduction- 3 minutes
  2. Layout, Tools, and Palettes- 44 minutes
    • This introduction to Photoshop explains all of the fundamental features of the program.
  3. Menus- 68 minutes
    • Continuing with the introduction we examine what each of the Photoshop menus hold.
  4. Layers- 35 minutes
    • The various properties of layers in Photoshop are graphically illustrated with several clever examples (see video on this page).
  5. Masks- 39 minutes
    • Used extensively throughout this video, here is the introduction to this powerful tool.
  6. Masks and Selections- 10 minutes
    • Briefly example the interchangeability of Masks and Selections.
  7. Keyboard Shortcuts- 13 minutes
    • Know your buttons, expedite your work.
  8. LRGB Production- 38 minutes
    • A complete explanation of how to approach creating an LRGB image in Photoshop. This section highlights Adam Block's use of the Shadow/Highlight tool as well.
  9. Creating RGB images- 14 minutes
    • How to get RGB assigned grayscale images into Photoshop's color channels and create a new color image.
  10. Inserting into RGB Channels- 18 minutes
    • Similar to the previous section, but another way to consider approaching making RGB combined images in Photoshop.
  11. Using the High-Pass Filter- 44 minutes
    • Few sections better demonstrate POWERFUL processing tools in Photoshop. (see video this page)
  12. Lab Color Space Enhancements- 21 minutes
    • Another section that is certain to bring joy to your pictures.
  13. Soft Light Enhancements- 8 minutes
    • Quick, easy and powerful. Use the Soft Light blending mode to make your images shine.
  14. Multiplicative Contrast Enhancement- 8 minutes
    • A variation of the Soft Light technique (above). A very good example is shown.
  15. Star Replacement and Substitution- 16 minutes
    • Does your object look good but the stars are terrible? How about putting RGB stars into narrowband images? Here is a way to do it.
  16. Stars and the Minimum Filter- 17 minutes
    • A standard technique of de-emphasizing stars. Variations on this theme are demonstrated when used in combination with the Unsharp Mask filter.
  17. Sky and Star Adjustments (Masks)- 43 minutes
    • Illustrates how to operate on these two fundamental image aspects using Masks. This offers a powerful way to solve many processing problems.
  18. Noise Reduction and Smoothing- 19 minutes
    • Use an object mask to properly polish your image with noise reduction!
  19. Fixing Scattered Light- 16 minutes
    • A scary section on bad things that can happen... but do not dismay! Good ideas for fixing this problem are shown.
  20. Another Sky Replacement Example- 9 minutes
    • More ideas on this critical subject.
  21. Gradients- 23 minutes
    • The use of Russell Croman's Gradient Exterminator and other solutions using Masks.
  22. Selective Processing Examples- 16 minutes
    • Other ways to approach manipulating your images.
  23. Unsharp Mask- 9 minutes
    • The use of this filter has never waned. Be certain you understand it fully!
  24. Star Repair- 19 minutes
    • The many manual ways to deal with mis-shapen stars. Brute force and beneficial.
  25. Credits

Total Time: 9 hours 30 minutes

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