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Lunt Solar 80mm Internal Double Stack Module for LS80THa

PRICE: 1,495.00

Lunt Solar 80mm Internal Double Stack Module for LS80THa Description

A 10% deposit is required for all Lunt Solar filters at the time of order. The balance will be charged when the telescope ships.

The Lunt 80mm Internal Double Stack Module for is strictly for use with a Lunt LS80THa H-alpha Telescope to lower the bandpass. The Lunt 80mm Dual Internal Stack Etalon System (DSII) will eliminate the need for an external double stack etalon reducing cost and eliminating obstructions. The system is 100% un-obstructed. The band pass is reduced to <0.5 Angstroms. See the Sun's weather in stunning high definition!

The LS80T can be internally double stacked (see LS80T/DSII) at time of purchase or anytime thereafter and does not need to be returned to the factory for double stacking. The DSII will soon be available on ALL Lunt dedicated scopes including the LS152T!! This same module will also be available as a rear end addition to the Celestron C11 and C14. This package will include the Lunt True ERF to safely aperture the scope to the appropriate size, removing both UV and IR energy from the optical path. A straight thru BF will be integrated into the module for enhanced viewing.

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