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Introduction to Digital Astrophotography

SKU: 0-943396-83-2
PRICE: 34.95

Introduction to Digital Astrophotography Description
Author: Robert Reeves

Hardcover: 448 pages

This book is a 400+ page comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts introduction to digital astro-imaging written by Robert Reeves, an accomplished author and film imager with nearly 50 years of experience who has enthusiastically made the transition to digital imaging. Robert describes how the family digital camera you probably already own can be used to take spectacular pictures of the night sky. This is especially true if you have purchased a digital camera within the past several years - even some entry level point-and-shoot digital cameras take pictures of the Moon and planets that rival or exceed the best film images. If you already own a digital camera, telescope, and computer you probably only require a camera adapter and image processing software - some of which is free - to begin your night sky imaging adventures and unlike film you see your results almost instantly!

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