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HyperStar Lens - 6'' Celestron

PRICE: 699.00

HyperStar Lens - 6'' Celestron Description

New optical design: 16 for '16!

For 2016 the HyperStar C6 features a new optical design, optimized for the popular 16mm-size CCD sensors from Sony. Cameras like the Atik 4120EX or Starlight Xpress Trius SX-814 are now perfect matches to the HyperStar C6. The original HyperStar C6 was designed for the 11mm sensors popular at the time of its introduction; the new model can cover a field of view with more than twice the area, making a Celestron 6" SCT and HyperStar an awesome portable, wide-field imaging system!


It's little, it's cute, but it performs just like its big brothers! The HyperStar C6 is a perfect match to one-shot color CCDs like the Atik 414EX or Starlight Xpress Trius SX-674, as well as video systems such as the Mallincam. Capture up to a 3.2-degree field of view at an amazingly fast focal ratio of f/1.9!

HyperStar is based on Celestron's innovative Fastar feature. This feature allows the secondary mirror to be easily removed (and later easily reinstalled) from Celestron's Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. By mounting the HyperStar lens assembly in place of the secondary mirror, a CCD camera can be mounted at the front of the telescope allowing for a wider field of view and much faster imaging.

The HyperStar lens works with a variety of cameras. Different cameras require different adapters, however. One adapter is included with the HyperStar lens. Please specify the camera being used when ordering.

A holder is included for safe storage of the secondary mirror while imaging. Also included with the HyperStar C6 is a replacement secondary mirror mount that makes the secondary mirror easier to remove than the standard mount that comes with the telescope.

The HyperStar systems allows the telescope to operate at a focal ratio of f/1.9, an incredible 30 times faster than the standard f/10 focal ratio! Images can be obtained in just seconds!


  • Focal Ratio: f/1.9
  • Focal Length: 290mm
  • Maximum Usable Sensor Size: 16mm Diagonal
  • Field of View (with 16mm sensor): 2.47 x 1.98 degrees (3.17 deg. diagonal)
  • Camera Adapter Threaded for 1.25" Filters
  • Backfocus (from mounting thread to focal plane): 44.3mm (1.74")
  • Length (without camera adapter)*: 2.7"
  • Diameter: 2.8"
  • Weight: Less than 1 lb.

* With a typical camera adapter, the HyperStar lens protrudes out from the front corrector glass of the telescope about 3.1"

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