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HyperStar Lens - 14" Meade

PRICE: 1,425.00

HyperStar Lens - 14" Meade Description

Currently out of stock, call for availability

Note that the HyperStar M14 lens is compatible only with standard Meade SCT models (such as the LX200GPS), not the LX200R or ACF models.

The HyperStar lens allows for fast f/2 imaging using a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Images can be captured 25 times faster than using the standard f/10 configuration. Ultra-short exposure times eliminate the need for autoguiding and even an equatorial mount!

This all new HyperStar lens was designed with digital SLR astrophotography in mind. Mounted in place of the secondary mirror on a Meade 14" SCT, the HyperStar M14 can illuminate a large enough image circle for use with digital SLRs such as the popular Canon EOS 20Da. It can even be used with full-frame DSLRs such as the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II with minimal vignetting.

In addition to DSLRs, the HyperStar lens is compatible with a range of CCD cameras, including models from SBIG, Starlight Xpress, and more.

The HyperStar M14 lens requires the use of a camera-specific adapter. One adapter is included with the HyperStar lens. Please specify the camera being used when ordering. Other adapters are sold separately. Also included with the HyperStar lens is a counterweight to thread on the rear cell of a fork-mounted telescope for balance and a holder for keeping the secondary mirror safe and clean while out of the telescope.

Removing the secondary mirror is simple. The hex-head screws that normally attach the mirror can be replaced with thumbscrews (which are also used to install the HyperStar lens on the scope), making removal and replacement of the mirror very easy. Removable Meade secondary mirrors use an asymmetrical screw hole pattern, so the mirror can only be replaced in one orientation, retaining collimation and optical quality when the mirror is replaced.

Check out the HyperStar Website for more details and images taken using the HyperStar system.

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View the instruction manual in French (courtesy Thierry Martin)

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